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Oracle Catlog

History of Oracle
Introduction to Terms
Oracle Configurations
Roles of Database Administrator
Oracle Architecture
A Brief History of SQL
Dr. Codd's 12 Rules
An Overview of SQL
The SELECT Statement
Expressions, Conditions, and Operators
Clauses in SQL
Joining Tables
Sub Query
Manipulating Data
Building a Database
Views and Indexes
Controlling Transactions
Database Security
Advanced SQL Topics
Stored Procedures
Embedded SQL
SQL Tuning
Using Views in Data Dictionary
Using SQL to Generate SQL Statements


1. How is a DBMS different from a database?

2. What is a DDL statement?

3. What is a DML statement?

4. What are some of the characteristics of an OLTP system?

5. What are some of the characteristics of a DSS system?

6. State five duties of an Oracle DBA.

7. What is the most important duty of an Oracle DBA?

8. What are the three types of files that make up an Oracle database?

9. What makes up the Oracle instance?

10. Which is faster--memory or disk?

11. Name two new features of Oracle8.